Nasdaq Europe RSS Feeds

RSS is a pull technology.

The RSS-readers re-fetches the RSS feed now and then (for example two times per hour, or more often). However, often there is a premium version that support more frequent intervals than a free version. RSS feed publishers usually specify the maximum frequency at which the readers are allowed to check for new postings. These limits help manage the load on the system.

The CNS RSS feed is updated in near real-time.

CNS provide standard RSS feeds that can be digested by most RSS-readers. CNS updates its RSS feeds in near real-time but be aware that the update rate varies greatly between different RSS-readers. The CNS RSS feeds have a maximum polling frequency of 30 seconds — if your system polls more often, it may be temporarily blocked and you will not receive any data during that time. However, you can take advantage of CNS's near real-time RSS updates to lower your latency (usually less than 10 s) by using an RSS-reader that provide support for Google Pub/Sub. CNS uses for verification.